What age pines is the best to buy?

By Tom Brickman on December 28, 2014

Landowner question:

I am 46 years old—at what stage in the life cycle should I be looking at pines?  5 years old?  cutover?  20 year old pines?  Trying to get an understanding of where I should purchase in the 30 year cycle of loblolly pines.  Also—I am a hunter and hope to be able to deer/turkey hunt on the land as well as have some small food plots, etc.  Also, is there a good mix of pine/hardwood I should look for since I do want to have deer and turkey present on my land?

Forester reply:

Since you’re 46 I’d aim for 10 to 15 year old pines.  Buy them right before they are big enough to thin.  This puts you near the first-thin income and the first “jump” in product class (to chip n saw from pulpwood).  A mix of hardwood with your pine is always good for hunting.  But there is a trade-off between best hunting (mostly hardwood) and best financial return (mostly planted pine).  You’ll have to decide on the blend that fits you best.  Good luck.

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