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Headed out to look at land  ?? 
Take 40+ years of land-buying experience with you!

A buyer-rep program.

Typical situation:  You’ve searched the internet looking for rural properties and have found several, each listed with a different agent.  And, you’re ready to put your boots on the ground for a closer look.

But, now the questions get harder. For example:

As rural land brokers and licensed foresters, we’ve been answering questions like these for 40+ years.  Get solid answers when we ride along to help evaluate any property you have your eye on (or, we can line up properties if you haven’t started looking yet).

We’ll make the arrangements, bring comp sales, maps and a GPS (think of us as your personal guide) and share our thoughts with you.  If you visit multiple properties you’ll only deal with one agent.  

The best thing is you get expert advice from an experienced agent to help you put a good deal together at the lowest price possible (we represent the best interest of the buyer, not the seller, for any property not listed by Cyprus Partners).

This service carries no risk to you:

Is there a property listed with any company in Alabama you’d like to see ?

Before you hop in the truck, let’s talk!  Ride with an experienced land broker who has your best interest in mind!


Tom Brickman Tom Brickman 205-936-2160

Expert Advice

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