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Don’t Ride Alone When You Go To Look At Land 
Put 40+ years of experience in the passenger seat

Typical situation: you’ve searched the internet looking for deals and have found several you want to look at on the ground, each one listed with a different agent.

Now the questions get hard to answer. For example:

As licensed foresters, appraisers and rural land brokers, we’ve been answering questions like these for over 40 years. Get solid answers to your questions when we ride along and help evaluate any property you have your eye on (even properties listed by other companies).

We’ll bring maps, 4-wheelers and a GPS (think of us as your personal guide) and share our thoughts with you. The best thing is you get expert advice and an experienced agent representing your interest to help put the deal together. And, the seller’s agent pays us.

If there’s a property you’d like to see, call us and let’s get some facts!

Tom Brickman Tom Brickman 205-936-2160

Expert Advice

Tom, I'd like to talk about a property I have my eye on.
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