Why Us?

Because you know what you’re looking for, but we know how to find it.

Exactly like you picture it!

Here are some benefits to you when we help you shop:

  1. Get expert advice.  In addition to being trained in real estate, many of our agents are also licensed foresters, certified appraisers or hold advanced degrees in related fields. Put this broad perspective in your passenger seat (representing your interest) and get good advice on things like timber, wildlife, access, boundary issues or value.
  2. Buy with confidence. Most of our agents have 30+ years’ experience buying, selling or managing rural land. More than most, we’ve seen the mistakes and smart moves people make when buying rural land. Tap into this experience and make a decision you’ll feel good about.
  3. Simplify shopping. In two or three weeks we can assemble a customized list of 30 to 50 buying opportunities, complete with maps and aerial photos. We’ll even field-test them against your criteria so you don’t waste time.
  4. Get professional representation. We’ve successfully negotiated hundreds of deals. Put this experience to work on your project and defend your best interest.

 Our team can help you find your dream property.  

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