Spence Maynor

Helping people manage the land sale process

When it comes to helping people buy rural land, Spence has several practical things going for him.

First, he grew up on family land near Birmingham. Taking care of the land and prospering from it was instilled early on by his parents. He understands land ownership first-hand.

And, with a college degree in business, it’s clear he has a head for the practical matters related to buying land. He knows how to get it done in an orderly fashion.

Spence brings these experiences to bear when he helps his clients find just the right piece of Alabama land for sale and get it closed.

“I started out in business behind a desk. I figured out pretty quick that wasn’t for me. Since getting in the rural land sales business, I’ve discovered that I love to help people find just the right property and manage the details right down to the closing”.