Tom Brickman

Finding land for sale shouldn’t be a hassle

Tom started his career at the age of 6 pulling a chain for his forester dad. He never realized it was supposed to be work. In fact, he says helping people buy, sell and manage rural land still doesn’t seem like work.

Over the course of his 40+ year “official” working career, Tom became a licensed real estate broker and a Registered Forester. His specialty is helping people simplify the land sale process. Tom passionately believes that anyone can find their dream property. The key is knowing what’s on the market (for sale by agent and by owner) and having someone with experience to simplify the maze of details.

From finding the right property to closing, Tom Brickman guides clients through the process to remove uncertainties—because even a simple mistake can derail the best efforts.

“Unless you’re in the land market every day it’s hard to know your options. The rural land market is complicated. For example, there is no centralized listing service and the for-sale-by-owner market is huge. There is a better way to find your dream property than going it alone — simply and quickly.”