Royce Cornelison

A landowner who knows land and the people who own it


Royce knows land.

As the creator of one of the best Brangus cattle herds in a 3-state area, Royce knows that a good eye for land is a critical skill. His operation (Lake Majestik Farms) covers 3,800 acres in northeast Alabama and has introduced Royce to many landowners in northeast Alabama, northwest Georgia and southeast Tennessee.

Knowing both land and landowners is a real benefit to anyone looking for land to buy in this 3-state area.

Give Royce a call. You’ll learn a lot about land just riding in the truck with him and see some beautiful properties.

We think Royce’s view towards land is best summarized in this quote from him:

“We feel so fortunate to be blessed by the Creator of all things good to be stewards of the beautiful things He has created for our use”.