Cory Croft

Certified Wildlife Biologist & Land Broker


Cory’s passion for wildlife comes honestly.

You see, he grew up helping his dad manage a 15,000 acre “red hills” quail plantation in south Georgia.

Today he is a Certified Wildlife Biologist operating in a 5 county area around Callaway Gardens in southwest Georgia – home to many large, unique, conservation-focused hunting properties.

Cory says that timberland sales are a perfect fit for him since the forest here draw professional athletes, business owners and entertainers looking for the perfect spot.  And it just so happens Cory knows almost every large landowner in the area (and a good wildlife biologist to help them with their vision).

“I’ve had the chance to see the tremendous difference good habitat management can make on wildlife populations.  But I’ve also learned that it all starts with good ground.  Tying these two things together is what I love to do”.