Colin Bagwell

Decades of experience with landowners in North Alabama


Colin has practiced professional forestry for 50+ years!

And, he’s spent about 46 of those years getting to know landowners in north Alabama and south Tennessee (Colin Bagwell Forestry).

Better than most he knows where the good properties are located and which landowners are ready to sell.

And, as both a Registered Forester and Real Estate Broker, he “wears two hats” all the time.  This means he can advise you on the timber investment potential of a property as well as real estate aspects to consider before making a purchase.

This is tremendous experience you can tap into.  So, the next time you look at a piece of land put Colin in the front seat.

But let him drive because you’ll want to take notes!

“My clients tell me they make better investment decisions because of my experience evaluating the financial potential of timberland investments. It’s one of my favorite aspects of the work I do”.