Inspecting Rural Alabama Land

By Tom Brickman on July 23, 2012

Rural Alabama Land

When shopping for rural land in Alabama, only a few properties will have all of the physical characteristics you desire. To determine suitability you’ll want to physically inspect any possible purchase.

Things to look for

Depending on intended use, important things to consider in rural Alabama land are:

Think about selling now

Whenever you buy rural Alabama land, remember that one day you may want to sell it.  So think about that day now and make a better buying decision. Whatever appears to be a problem for you right now will likely be a problem for future buyers too.  To inspect a property you’ll need aerial photos and topographic maps with the boundary lines indicated. Get out and walk the lines.

Getting help

A good source for boundary line information is the county tax assessor office.  In fact, many counties have tax maps on line.  And, there are private sources for paper and on-line tax map data.  A consulting forester can help with an inspection.

Finally, be sure you like your land.  Your rural Alabama land should bring you enjoyment for years to come.

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