Deal Finder

How The Program Works

Our database of over 102,000 landowners, attorneys, foresters, bankers, surveyors, loggers & real estate agents is the heart of this program.

It’s the key to reaching local people who often don’t use the internet to advertise land or who use it ineffectively. Fact is, some don’t advertise at all!

In 2 or 3 weeks we can assemble a customized list of deals based on the size, features and location you want.

Many will be opportunities you won’t find on the internet (but the list will include internet deals too). Complete with maps, aerial photos & prices. We even field-test this list against your criteria to save you time and trouble!

This program gets you in front of more deals (many you wouldn’t see otherwise). It simplifies the search and puts a pro on your project.

See Deals You’d Never See Otherwise

For example:

We can quickly reach thousands of these people on your behalf.

A Chance For Low-priced Deals

Note: some of these deals can be priced under the market!

That’s because many landowners don’t use an agent to assist with a sale. Without professional guidance an owner’s opinion of fair value can be all over the board, including too low. When you think about it, internet deals are the highest priced deals because they have professional guidance.

Don’t miss out! Contact me and let’s talk about your situation.