“Deal Finder” Stories

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Story # 1: Finding the time

Roger had given up. Didn’t have time to look. Then he called. We discussed how many acres, where, etc.  Next, using our exclusive database, we contacted 1,638 land owners, real estate agents & foresters in a two county area. In 3 weeks Roger had a list of 51 properties available for purchase; with maps & pre-inspected.  One-third of them were for-sale-by-owner and not even advertised.  Three months later he closed on a 280 acre property in Coosa CountyAlabama.  After the closing we walked his land.  His comment was, “You know, I chased my dream, but you helped me catch it”.

Story # 2: Finding it quickly

We had a great buyer for Scott’s 190 acre Tallapoosa County, Alabama property. An old country gentleman. Great price. Cash deal.  Scott’s plan from the beginning was a tax-free exchange into a good deer hunting property closer to home. Problem was, we didn’t have another property to buy, and our new friend was in no mood to wait.  We had to find a property. Fast!

Our first step was to get the word out in a three-county area using our exclusive database. We contacted 850 landowners owning 200 or more acres, plus about 1,500 real estate agents, attorneys, bankers, loggers, surveyors, appraisers and foresters.  In three weeks Scott had a list of 62 properties available for purchase – 1/4 of them offered by the owners and not even on the market!  Eight weeks from the initial offer we closed on both deals.  Selling the 190 ac. property and buying a 250 ac. property in Marion County, Alabama. “About time” was all our new friend had to say.

Story # 3: Finding a needle in the hay stack

A successful lumber company in central Alabama was looking for 2,000 acres of timberland.  So, the owner called and asked if we could help with the project.

The stipulations were the land had to be near their current operations, it had to be one block of land, and it had to be good timber growing land. The problem was finding a block this size close to home.

Using our exclusive database, we searched 26 specific townships (parts of three counties) for ownerships 1,500 acres or larger. Within an hour of his call we had a list of 12 ownerships meeting the size criteria.  After eliminating the ownerships that were more than one block, we had a list of four.  After talking to the owners, we found one willing to sell if the price was right.

Then our foresters appraised the timber and measured site index.  We collected a few comparable land sales to help with price negotiations, and two weeks later made the initial offer.   After the closing the owner said, “you made it easy and kept this project from distracting us from our operations”.

Story # 4: Don’t give up – find it!

“I give up,” Bill said after spending a year trying to buy an adjoining 1,200 acre property in Talladega County, Alabama.  Bill and his three boys loved to hunt and this place offered great hunting.  Plus, it joined Bill’s place perfectly.  And the owner, a timber company, said they’d sell if the price was right. But continual delays in supplying maps, timber data, etc. stalled the project.  Bill knew we had a 26 year relationship with the neighbor, so he called to see if we could help.

Within a week we had aerial photos in our hands.  Within two weeks our foresters had field-verified timber type maps & timber volumes. We ran comp sales for support with price negotiations, and within four weeks we made the initial offer. Two months later we closed the deal. Bill’s comment was, “and to think I almost gave up.”