Before You Buy Rural Land: Talk To The Owner

By Tom Brickman on August 13, 2012

Believe it or not, people will say they want to sell their Alabama land and give you all kinds of reasons, some of which have nothing to do with a sincere interest in selling.

Many sellers are not really motivated

They might do this to get a free appraisal, or even just for the attention. So you should interview the property owner to assess the strength of their motivation to sell. A property listed by an agent should already have this step completed. But not all agents do this, and some don’t do it correctly. So, ask good questions of the owner or listing agent.

Things to ask them

Ideal questions to ask include things like how long it’s been on the market, how many price changes there have been, how many offers have been made, how many different agents have listed it and why the owner is selling.

With a few well asked questions, you can avoid wasting time with people who are not motivated, or who have unrealistic sale expectations for their Alabama land.

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